CASE STUDY: A Paper-to-Salesforce Digital Transformation for Prison Law Office's Client Service Delivery

Business Process Mapping & Optimization, Custom Salesforce Solution Design & Implementation, Training & Change Management (2017)

Hamstrung by an onerous and highly manual paper-based process for managing its history of correspondence and case management with its clients, the Prison Law Office (PLO) hired Justin to map and digitize its client services workflows. This culminated in a migration to a custom Salesforce application that dramatically streamlined PLO’s operations, and is still in use today.

PLO provides free, direct legal services to thousands of adult and juvenile offenders each year, and had been using a homegrown Microsoft Access database to manage its complex paper-mail-based client correspondence process. The system could not be easily managed by in-house staff, was cumbersome to users, and reinforced duplicative and inefficient business processes throughout the organization. PLO sought to improve its internal efficiencies, derive more value from its stored data, and make their centralized CRM application more user-friendly, easier to maintain, and better integrated with other business applications and processes.

Justin began with extensive business process mapping to capture PLO’s complex manual, paper-based system for tracking and responding to client correspondence, then led the PLO team in reengineering those processes to enable a fully digital collaboration process for drafting legal responses. Justin helped PLO to select Salesforce to replace Access, leveraging the Power of Us 10 free licenses and his previous experience as a Salesforce Administrator to create a bespoke, highly automated, and affordable solution that dramatically reduced overall response times both internally and between PLO and their clients.

Justin’s scope of work included configuring and customizing Salesforce Sales Cloud, transforming and migrating the PLO’s legacy Access data into Salesforce, and implementing Conga Composer to enable PLO’s lawyers, investigators, and litigation assistants to quickly and easily customize legal responses based on a variety of logic-based templates. Justin also created the user manual and admin documentation for PLO to maintain, and spent multiple days on site delivering go-live training and hypercare support to ensure a seamless transition for all staff.