Management & Leadership

We help nonprofit experts in Fundraising, Marketing, & Data Operations to unlock greater efficiency, insights, and impact. Here’s how:

Strategic Tech & Operations Planning

Major strategic changes often produce significant operational change, and we can help support your organization’s Technology and Operations teams through the strategic planning required to implement and operationalize transformational organizational shifts. We can support technology roadmap development, realign team models to better support fundraising or programmatic outcomes, and advise your staff and other consultants to ensure operational implications arising from major initiatives are understood and accounted for.

Leadership Development Coaching

We are nonprofit professionals ourselves, and we’ve been in your shoes. We are also empaths, coaches, and thought partners who care as much about the humans we work with as we do their causes. We can work one-on-one with your Technology and Operations leaders and future leaders to provide a private safe space for growth, feedback, problem-solving, and people management coaching.

Workshop Design and Facilitation

We excel at designing engaging, dynamic meetings and workshops for your organization, and providing expert facilitation or supporting your own facilitators. We provide workshops as components of larger projects we are leading, or we are able to slot into another team or consultant’s project to co-develop a discrete workshop that advances the project’s outcomes. We create both digital and in-person experiences that create space for dialogue, enable real-time learning, and deliver concrete action items that tee up following phases of work.

Aligning Cross-Functional Teams

Modern organizations and technologies demand that teams break down silos and integrate more smoothly with other teams to achieve organizational outcomes with minimal friction – but what does that look like when there’s no framework for how to work together? We regularly work with multiple departments and teams – Fundraising, Finance, Marketing, Programs, Operations, Technology, etc. – to co-develop, document, and implement better ways of working together that streamline processes and encourage thoughtful collaboration and coordination.

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