Organizational Development

We help nonprofit experts in Fundraising, Marketing, & Data Operations to unlock greater efficiency, insights, and impact. Here’s how:

Org Design and Restructuring

Forward-looking organizations may need to revamp their staffing roles and structures from time to time to better align with their strategic goals. Skeleton Key uses a holistic, human-centric Organizational Development approach to uncover the strengths and pain points of your teams, balance the contributions of staff with the organization’s desired outcomes, and co-develop staffing models with an eye toward staff retention, business continuity, and stakeholder inclusion.

Optimizing Ops & Support Teams

As veterans of nonprofit operations and support teams, we have hands-on expertise in the day-to-day workflows, demands, and value of these critical contributors. We can either step into a Fractional Team Leadership role ourselves, or can provide advisory support to your Operational Leads as they build their people management skills, navigate organizational change, or implement new business processes or staffing models.

Business Process Analysis

We are Business Analysts by trade and training, and most of our work will begin with a thorough assessment of the organization’s business processes. We can also step into the role of Process Engineer, helping staff to map their workflows, diagnose any process issues, and develop and document cleaner, clearer, and more efficient business processes that enable staff to spend more of their time focused on the strategic work they were hired to do.

Change Management

Change is hard, and we have deep experience both leading and being led through major change initiatives at a variety of nonprofits. We believe the critical ingredients of effective change management are proactive communication, demonstrated transparency, and a commitment to inclusion and conversation with all stakeholders. We can help your organization design a change management approach that will meet your staff where they are in the continuum of change, and ride along with your projects to help your get where you’re going.

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